2 East Village Beer Bars Not to Be Missed – New York City

New York City is a beer tourist’s dream come true. The sheer volume of quality beer bars and beer selection is enough to please any palate. Here are two beer bars and beer stores that stand out in a crowded field and are all relatively close to each other in the East Village / Lower East Side area.

Jimmy’s No. 43
43 East 7th St. (between 2nd and 3rd Ave.) – Map

jimmys no 43We have never been disappointed with the selection of amazing and constantly rotating beers available at Jimmy’s. This is a place you can walk into any day of the week and find a beer you haven’t tried and maybe can’t find anywhere else in the city. There always seems to be a few beers from local and regional breweries available, as well as some international offerings and usually a solid Belgian offering or hard to find seasonal. One of the things we love about this place is that you can ALWAYS count on them having something different than the standard lineup the dozens of other neighborhood bars are offering – something the everyday beer drinker in NYC can take solace in because after a few days drinking through the East Village bars you get a little tired of seeing the same craft lineups day after day. Not mention the incredible farm to table changing menu, weekly events and tastings or other events always going on.¬†Admittedly I have a soft spot for this bar and more than a few pints have met their end being placed at the bar in front of me.


102 St. Marks Place (between 1st Ave & Ave A) Р Map

proletariatWhat used to be a tiny oasis of rare and usual beers is starting to get a little more crowded and well know on the beer scene, and rightly so. The focus here is on harder to find unusual beers and the bar tenders consistently have an amazing knowledge of beers and know how to treat the customers (even the ones they might not like or who know nothing about beer). This is another great place to go if you have spent a few hours or days drinking up the usual craft beer spots in the East Village and are looking for something new and different. Highly recommend coming here with a clear palate and sampling some of their offerings. The only challenge is that you’ll have to wait until 5pm when they open, and if you’re like me and do your best beer drinking in the early afternoon it might be a little challenging.


Suggestion: Beers at Proletariat right when they open at 5pm so you can snag a seat at the bar and an early dinner afterwards at Jimmy’s No. 43 a short walk away.

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