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Find breweries & craft beer bars when you are traveling, experience a new beer and support your local brewery. Local regions regularly have local beer options that you may never get to try again and that can’t be found in other areas. Take advantage of a new city or state by trying their local beer. Local beer tends to be more fresh and in good bars your server or bartender can provide specific details on the beer itself.

The American Craft Beer Scene

Over the past few years the craft brewing industry in the United States has exploded with growth, offering consumers more options and styles for quality craft beer than anyone can remember. As craft beer continues to thrive it will mean more options and higher quality beer for all consumers. Currently there are over 2,000 craft breweries in the U.S. as of 2012 and the number continues to grow.

Craft Beer by the Numbers According to the Brewers Association:

  • Growth of the craft brewing industry in 2011 was 13% by volume and 15% by dollars compared to growth in 2010 of 12% by volume and 15% by dollars.
  • Craft brewers sold an estimated 11,468,152 barrels* of beer in 2011, up from 10,133,571 in 2010¬†.
All this info and data backs up something that can just as easily be seen with the naked eyes – craft beer is becoming more main stream (finally). This may have always been true in pockets of the U.S. like Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Vermont etc but it is now spreading far and wide. A walk through my local New York City neighborhood will yield more craft beer bars and choices than there are hours in the day.