Boulder Colorado Beer

Boulder Colorado has a lot of things going for it, one of which is craft beer. Colorado’s first microbrewery, Boulder Beer Company, first started brewing beer in 1979 and has never looked back. I would put the brewery on the must visit list for craft beer fans and geeks visiting Boulder. The brewery also offers food, has a nice backyard area and is very bike friendly. Some other breweries you will definitely want to check out are on the map below including Avery Brewing Company, Boulder Beer Company, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, Upslope Brewing Company, Walnut Brewery, West Flanders Brewing Company

Boulder Breweries Map 

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In addition to craft beer, Boulder has a lot to offer the outdoor and nature enthusiasts, foodies, bike riders, hikers and more. This city sits around 5,400 feet and is located in a sweet spot between the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and not far from where the great plains begin. Boulder Colorado USA tourist info.

1 Day in Boulder Beer Tourist Recommendation:

Rent a bicycle from Full Cycle for the day ($30) or just a few hours and take advantage of the extensive bike trails and routes (boulder bike route map) or the popular 15 mile and 24 mile bike loops. Stop in at the Boulder Company for lunch and some great craft beers. Ride around town and/or continue the loop in the afternoon and take it easy. For dinner, check out the recently opened West Flanders Brewing Co. If the weather’s good, Mountain Sun and Walnut aren’t too far away and are a medium walk or short bike ride. If you are into food and beer, the downtown area should have just about everything you need. There are also some nice light hikes and trails.

Boulder Brewing Company Video: