Hurricane Sandy Misc Pics NYC 2012

Some mixed photos from Lower Manhattan in the days around hurricane sandy in NYC 2012. View pics or read more below.


Hurricane Sandy got a ton of media hype and coverage well before it arrived to our area in New York City. Our apartment is on the 4th floor in the Lower East Side (near Houston x Ave B), and right on the edge Evacuation Zone C – meaning we weren’t really in much danger of flooding. Because of all the build up and notice before the storm’s arrival, we were pretty well supplied to ride it out.

We filled our bathtub full of water, had a few gallons of other clean water, a liter and a half of bourbon, a liter of vodka, a good 24 mixed beers or so, a big bag of candles, two headlights with new batteries, fully charged cell phones, laptops etc. We also had plenty of food on hand, made a huge crockpot of carnitas before the storm hit, cranked up the freezer and fridge temps and froze a bunch of extra ice. Pretty legit preparation if you ask me.

Monday night in the early evening the power went out, but the storm generally didn’t seem too bad. A few heavy wind gusts from time to time but not much rain all things considered. Apparently the tidal surge from the full moon, high tide and arriving storm is what really caused a lot of the damage. Water crept up the rivers on both sides of manhattan, coming over the west side highway and into the west side as well as coming over the east river, across the FDR, and over to Ave C. in certain parts of Alphabet City near 8-10th streets.

There were a lot of cars that had been moved by flowing water and a high water mark close to waist high near Ave. C and 9th street. A lot of basements were flooded and people were pumping them out a day or two after.

The power and in turn cell and internet service went out Monday and wasn’t restored until Friday night in our area. We had cold water and gas for the stove so it wasn’t too bad. A lot of the taller buildings that rely on elevators and water pumps to circulate drinking water were in worse shape.

Strangely enough it was actually kind of nice to spend a few days in the urban silence of the power outage without any connection to the news, web etc. We managed to get a newspaper after the 2nd day and check in on things and were a bit surprised to see how much Hurricane Sandy had done to New York, New Jersey and the east coast.

The pictures above are a small mix of phone images taken between Mon and Friday in various parts of the Lower East Side in the wake of the hurricane. The streets were dark at night and traffic coming off the Williamsburg bridge with no stoplights was a bit hectic but all in all people pullled together and helped each other out.

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