Learn to Homebrew Day 2012

Ever thought about making your own beer? Saturday Nov 3, 2012 is a  Learn To Homebrew Day and for all of you that currently make your own beer; why not invite some friends over and share some brewing knowledge. If nothing else get some free beer out of it by making the guests buy and bring over some beers to sample while brewing. Some friends I brew with are planning to brew some beer in Brooklyn and bring some friends over that have never brewed before to learn.

This is the first year I have heard about Learn to Brew Day but apparently it was established by the American Homebrewers Association back in 1999 РAwesome! Supposedly there are some various brewing sites around the workd and checkout the Learn To Homebrew Day Page on the American Homebrewers Association website. Seems like there just about any kind of information and details you want online these days as well if you are looking to try your hand at making  beer. Contrary to popular belief it is not as hard as you thing and nothing beats the satisfaction of drinking your own, cold beer.

How to Brew
Everything You Need To Brew Beer Right the First Time”
by John Palmer

This is one book I can actually vouch for and good for both relatively new brewers as well as those who have already brewed a few batches. Be cool and try and pick up a copy from your local home brewing store. If and when you brew your beer it is ALWAYS good to talk with your local shop and or have their number handy in case things get weird while you are brewing and you need to call someone. Most brew shops are in it for the passion and connecting with other brewers and are almost always down to give good advice.